Leontios of Byzantium

   See Severos.

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  • Leontios —    1) Magister militum of Zeno (qq.v.) who was proclaimed emperor (q.v.) in 484. He was sent by Zeno to suppress the rebellion of Illos, which was supported by Verina (q.v.). Instead, he joined forces with them and was declared emperor by Verina… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Leontios of Neapolis — Leontios was Bishop of Neapolis (Limassol) in Cyprus in the 7th century A.D. Works: Life of St. John the Merciful, commissioned by the archbishop of Constantia Arcadius, Life of Symeon the holy fool,a lost Life of Spyridon and an apologia against …   Wikipedia

  • Leontios of Neapolis —    See John The Almsgiver …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Leontios — Infobox Monarch name =Leontius title =Emperor of the Byzantine Empire caption = reign =695 – 698 predecessor =Justinian II successor =Tiberios III dynasty =Heraclian Dynasty date of death =705|Leontios or Leontius ( el. Λεόντιος, la. LEONTIVS),… …   Wikipedia

  • Leontios (Byzanz) — Solidus des Leontios Leontios (griechisch Λεόντιος; † 15. Februar 706 in Konstantinopel) war byzantinischer Kaiser (695–698). Sein offizieller Kaisername war Leon. Dieser Name erscheint auf seinen Münzen und in westlichen Quellen, wurde aber …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Severos —    Bishop of Antioch (qq.v) from 512 518 and untiring promoter of Monophysitism (q.v.). He gained great prominence during the reign of Anastasios I (q.v.), who favored him. However, in 518 Justin I (q.v.) sent Severos into exile and launched a… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Justinian II —    Emperor (q.v.) from 685 695, and again from 705711. He was a relentless antagonist of the Arabs (q.v.), and more ambitious in his colonization schemes than Constans II (q.v.). He resettled the Mardaites (q.v.) in various places, including the… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Abd al-Malik —    Umayyad caliph (qq.v.) from 685 705. Until 692, he was preoccupied with internal rebellions. Justinian II (q.v.) took advantage of this by unleashing on Syria (q.v.) the Christian bandits called Mardaites (q.v.), and by sending an army under… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Chronology —    Before the ninth century there were considerable differences in the chronologies used for the writing of history and chronicles (qq.v.). Some pre ninth century chronologies started with dates of regional significance, such as the beginning… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

  • Athenais-Eudokia —    Wife of Theodosios II (q.v.). Highly educated by her father Leontios, a pagan philosopher from Athens (q.v.), she was chosen by Pulcheria (q.v.) to be the wife of her brother, Theodosios II (q.v.). Athenais became a Christian, took the name… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

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